Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

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Monday, September 3rd, 2018

September 2018 JCSHM Available

What’s in the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring Volume 8, Issue 4 (September 2018)more…

Celebrating 5 Years of the JCSHM

We extend thanks to Springer, the publisher of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring for providing free access to the newest issue of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring (Vol. 6, Issue 1, February 2016) to all members and friends of ISHMII through January 2017.

This special issue brings an appreciation of the first 5 years of the Journal on its 5th anniversary.  Editor-in-Chief Farhad Ansari introduces the Journal in his forward, which is followed by 11 invited articles.

Five Years of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring

  • State-of-the-art in structural health monitoring of large and complex civil infrastructures by Hong-Nan Li, Liang Ren, Zi-Guang Jia, Ting-Hua Yi, Dong-Sheng Li
  • Recent advances in wireless smart sensors for multi-scale monitoring and control of civil infrastructure by Billie F. Spencer Jr., Hongki Jo, Kirill A. Mechitov, Jian Li, Sung-Han Sim , Robin E. Kim, Soojin Cho, Lauren E. Linderman, Parya Moinzadeh, Ryan K. Giles, Gul Agha
  • The state of the art in structural health monitoring of cable-stayed bridges by Hui Li, Jinping Ou
  • Recent developments in bridge weigh in motion (B-WIM) by Myra Lydon, S. E. Taylor, D. Robinson , A. Mufti, E. J. O. Brien
  • Structural health monitoring of historical heritage in Italy: some relevant experiences by Alessandro De Stefano, Emiliano Matta, Paolo Clemente
  • Recent developments in inverse problems of vehicle–bridge interaction dynamics by X. Q. Zhu, S. S. Law
  • Piezoelectric active sensing system for crack detection in concrete structure by Chen Zhang, Xun Yu, Lee Alexander, Ye Zhang, Rajesh Rajamani, Navneet Garg
  • Damage detection for plate-like structures using generalized curvature mode shape method by Hai Zhong, Mijia Yang
  • Adjustable hybrid resampling approach to computationally efficient probabilistic inference of structural damage based on vibration measurements by Wei Zheng, Jinlei Shen
  • Bridge damage localization through modified curvature method by Mijia Yang, Hai Zhong, Mike Telste, Sivapalan Gajan

ISSN: 2190-5452 (Print) 2190-5479 (Online)