Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

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Monday, September 3rd, 2018

September 2018 JCSHM Available

What’s in the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring Volume 8, Issue 4 (September 2018)more…

Mini – Symposia Session 1

Mini – Symposia Session 1: Advances in Structural Identification and Condition Assessment

MS01-01 Wireless Impedance-Based Pipe Corrosion Monitoring Using MFC Transducers under Temperature Variations by J.Y. Yang , S. Yang, H. Lee, and H. Sohn
MS01-02 Automated Damage Detection in Steel Structures in Integrated Sensor-Driven BIM Computing Environment by Yunfeng Zhang and Linjia Bai
MS01-03 Hybrid Health Monitoring of Cable-Anchorage System Using Dual Piezoelectric PZT Sensors by Jeong-Tae Kim, Khac-Duy Nguyen and Thanh-Canh Huynh
MS01-04 Substructure Method to Statistical Model Updating of Structures by S. Weng, F. Liang, Y. Zuo, H. P. Zhu, Y. Xia, and L. Mao
MS01-05 Structural Damage Detection Using Cross-Correlation Function by P.H. Ni, Y. Xia, and S.S. Law
MS01-06 Design And Development of Structural Health Monitoring System for Dalian Gymnasium by Liang Ren, Ziguang Jia, Tinghua Yi, Dongsheng Li, and Hongnan Li
MS01-07 Statistical Analysis of Response Data Sets to Characterize the Dynamic Behavior of the New Carquinez Suspension Bridge by Y. Zhang and J.P. Lynch
MS01-08 Damage Identification Using Virtual Distortion Method in Frequency Domain by Q.X. Zhang, J.L. Hou, and L. Jankowski
MS01-09 Calculation of Dynamic Response Sensitivity Based on Response Reconstruction Technique by L. Mao, H.P. Zhu, and S. Weng
MS01-10 A Substructure Method for Damage Identification Using Free Responses by J.L. Hou, L. Jankowski, and J.P. Ou
MS01-11 Damage Detection of Long-Span Bridges Using Stress Influence Lines Incorporating Control Charts by Z.W. Chen, S.Y. Zhu, Q.L. Cai, and Y. Lei
MS01-12 A Comparative Study of Finite Mixture Modeling of Stress Spectrum Using EM Method and Genetic Algorithm by X.W. Ye, D.B. Fu, Y.Q. Ni, K.Y. Wong, and S.F. Jiang
MS01-13 Output-Only Modal Identification and Damage Detection via Blind Source Separation by Satish Nagarajaiah and Yongchao Yang
MS01-14 A Wireless Sensor Placement Method For Structural Health Monitoring Of Long Span Bridges by G.D. Zhou
MS01-15 Identification of Dynamic Loads on Linear Structures Using Partial Structural Responses by Ying Su and Ying Lei
MS01-16 Immune Monkey Algorithm for Optimal Sensor Deployment by T.H. Yi, H.N. Li, and X.D. Zhang
MS01-17 A Global Approach for Damage Identification of an Iron Railway Bridge Based on Operational Modal Analysis by Alexander Tributsch and Christoph Adam
MS01-18 Blind Modal Identification of Output-Only Structures via Complexity Pursuit and Sparse Component Analysis by Yongchao Yang and Satish Nagarajaiah
MS01-19 Exploratory Study of Stress Wave Communication in Concrete Structures by Qing Ji, Michael Ho, Rong Zheng, Zhi Ding, and Gangbing Song
MS01-20 Damage Identification Methods Based on Response Surface Finite Element Model Updating of Bridge Structures by Jie Niu, Zhouhong Zong, and Fupeng Chu
MS01-21 Damage Detection of Nonlinear Structures with Analytical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Transform by Zuo-Cai Wang, Wei-Xin Ren, Gen-Da Chen, and Guang-Feng Zhang
MS01-22 Output-Only Structural Health Monitoring for Deepwater Risers: Experimental Study of Wavelet Modified Sobi and Distributed Force Index Algorithm by Chaojun Huang and Satish Nagarajaiah
MS01-23 Substructural Physical Parameters and External Excitations Identification with Limited Response Measurements by B. Xu and J. He
MS01-24 Surface Wave Based Method for Health Monitoring of a Sheet Pile Quay Wall ~Analysis and Field Measurement~ by Koji Ichii, Keisuke Kitade, Mayumi Kawano, and Ikuo Taguchi
MS01-25 Structural Time-Varying Damage Detection by Using Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform by Jing-Liang Liu, Zuo-Cai Wang, Wei-Xin Ren, and Xing-Xin Li
MS01-26 A Trial of Simple and Easy Health Monitoring for Electric Poles by Using ‘iPod’ by Naoki Orai, Koji Ichii, and Shiho Ishii
MS01-27 The Acquisition Method on Structural Responses Using Hybrid Sensor Measurements by W. Lu, F.Q. Wu, and J. Teng
MS01-28 Locally Updating Finite Element Model for Framed Structures Using Incomplete Mode Shapes by Hua-Peng Chen and T.S. Maung
MS01-29 Structural Health Rating System-Oriented 3D Multi-Scale Finite Element Model of Stonecutters Bridge by X.F. Li, Y.Q. Ni, and K.Y. Wong
MS01-30 Structural Damage Identification Based on Power Spectral Density Transmissibility by Jun Li, Hong Hao, and Juin Voon Lo
MS01-31 Practical Issues in Signal Processing for Structural Flexibility Identification by J. Zhang, Y. Zhou, P.J. Li, and S.L. Guo
MS01-32 On-Line Integration of Structural Damage Detection and Vibration Control by Huan Zhou and Ying Lei
MS01-33 A Damage Prognosis Method of Girder Structures Based on Wavelet Neural Networks by Rumian Zhong, Zhouhong Zong, Jie Niu, and Sujing Yuan
MS01-34 Wavelet-Based Estimation of Evolutionary Power Spectrum for Field Measurement Typhoon Process by Y.L. Ding and G.D. Zhou
MS01-35 Two-Stage Damage Identification Based on Modal Strain Energy and Multi-Particle Swarm Co-Evolutionary Optimization by Sheng-lan MA , Shao-fei Jiang and Liu-qing Weng
MS01-36 Experiment and Finite Element Analysis on Underground Pipeline Corrosion by L. Sun, C. Chen and Q.Q. Sun
MS01-37 Structural Identification with Extended Modal Frequency Data and Application Involving Discontinuities by Yong Lu, Lei Mao, Chuanchuan Hou and Hehua Zhu
MS01-38 A Comparison of Deterministic and Probabilistic Methods for Performance Degradation Assessment of a Concrete Gravity Dam at Shenwo Reservoir of China by C.Y. Yu, Q. Gu, P.H. Lin, X.Z. Ling, L. Tang, and S.R. Huang
MS01-39 Combination Effect of Pre-Existed Chloride and Concrete Carbonation on Steel Bar Corrosion by X. Xue, Y. Song and S. Hiroshi
MS01-40 Real-Time and On-Site Calculation of Shield Tunnelling for Construction Monitoring by Weiming Li and Hongping Zhu
MS01-41 Vibration Testing and Modal Analysis of Structural System of Shield Tunnel and Soft Soil under Ambient Excitation by Ling Wan and Xiongyao Xie
MS01-42 Multi-Directional Displacements for a Long-Distance Pipeline Based on The Distributed Strain Measurements by S. Shen, S. F. Jiang and M. J. Lin
MS01-43 Lessons Learned in Construction and Early Experience with the Indian River Inlet Bridge SHM System by H.W. Shenton, M. J. Chajes, G. Wenczel and K. Davidson
MS01-44 Monitoring Mall Construction Below Toronto’s Historic Union Station by Hassan Saffarini
MS01-45 Structural Damage Identification Based on Genetically Trained ANNs in Beams by P.H. Li, H.P. Zhu, and W.G. Zhao