Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

Resilience Workshop Flyer ISHMII’s Committee on Resilient Structures and Infrastructure (CORSI) invites you to attendmore…

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

September 2018 JCSHM Available

What’s in the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring Volume 8, Issue 4 (September 2018)more…

Mini – Symposia Session 3

Mini – Symposia Session 3: Advanced Opto-Electronic Sensing Technology in Geo-engineering Monitoring

MS03-01 Integrated Pore Water Pressure and Displacement Profile Monitoring in Ground by A.B. Huang, C.C. Wang, J.T. Lee, and Y.T. Ho
MS03-02 Study on the Performance of Geotechnical Structures Using Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies by Hua-fu Pei, Jian-hua Yin and Zong-jin Li
MS03-03 Performance Monitoring of a Slope Model Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors by H.-H. Zhu, B. Shi, J.-F. Yan, J. Zhang, C.-C. Zhang, and J. Wang
MS03-04 Application Of FBG Technology in Stress Monitoring for Anchor Rods by Weng Xiao-lin, Ma Hao-hao, Li Hong-yan, and Liu Bao-jian
MS03-05 Experiment Study on Carbon Coated Heating Optical Fiber for Sand Leakage Monitoring Based on Distributed Temperature System by J.F. Yan, B. Shi, D.F. Cao, H.H. Zhu, and G.Q. Wei
MS03-06 Structure Inspecting and Monitoring of Suspension Bridges by Tsai Wen Kuo, Chung-Yue Wang, Ming-Hung Chen, Shao-Hsun Hung, Wei-Fan Chen, and Chien-Hsiang Wang
MS03-07 On Distributed Monitoring for the Multi-Field Information in Slope by B. Shi, H.T. Jiang, H.H. Zhu, and G.Q. Wei
MS03-08 Fast Diagnosis Techniques for Wheel Defects of Railway Train by Hsin-chu Tsai, Jia-zhong Guo, Ming-hung Chien, Tsai-Wen Kuo, Chung-Yue Wang, Wei-hua Chieng, and Hwa-yaw Tam
MS03-09 Study on Characteristics of Surface Potential during Test of Settlement and Deformation Of Branch Pile under Load of Reaction Beam by Xiao-qian Deng, Xiao-fei Liu, En-yuan Wang, Jin-bei Xu, and Dong-wei Pan
MS03-10 Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring and Warning for Rockburst of Laneway in Mining by Xiao-fei Liu, En-yuan Wang , Xiao-qian Deng, and Xiao-ran Wang
MS03-11 Application of an Inbuilt Displacement Measurement System in a High Arch Dam Geo-Mechanical Model by Geng-xin Yang, Yuan Chen, Lin Zhang, Jian-hua Dong, Jian-ye Chen, and Bao-quan Yang
MS03-12 Performance Monitoring of Cement Grouted Soil Nails in Cut Slopes Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors by Chengyu Hong, Jian-Hua Yin, Hua-Fu Pe, and P. Lin