Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

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Monday, September 3rd, 2018

September 2018 JCSHM Available

What’s in the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring Volume 8, Issue 4 (September 2018)more…

Parallel Sessions 7 System Identification and Model Updating

Parallel Sessions 7 – System Identification and Model Updating

PS07-01 Variation of Modal Parameters of Canton Tower under Different Earthquake Excitations by Yi-Cheng Liu, Tzung-Han Wu, Chin-Hsiung Loh and Yi-Qing Ni

PS07-02 Dynamic Finite Element Model Updating Using Ambient Vibration Measurements by Hua-Peng Chen

PS07-03 Stochastic Model Updating of Ballast Stiffness in Cold Conditions by Ignacio Gonzalez

PS07-04 Modal Analysis of a Concrete Highway Bridge – Structural Calculations and Vibration-Based Results by Shengfa Miao, René Veerman, Eddy Koenders, and Arno Knobbe

PS07-05 Temperature Variations as Load Cases for Structural Identification by I. Laory, R. J. Westgate, J. M.W. Brownjohn and I. F.C. Smith

PS07-06 System Identification of an Isolated Structure Using Earthquake Records by Ruben Boroschek, Antonio Aguilar, Fernando Elorza, and Pedro Soto

PS07-07 Optimized Calibration of Finite Element Model for Verrazano Narrows Bridge Span by Z. Y. Wu, J. Zhao, R. Love, S. Bhide, A. Jeary, and T. Winant

PS07-08 Finite Element Model Calibration of UCLA Factor Building by Darwin Parallel Optimization by J. Zhao and Z. Y. Wu

PS07-09 Experimental Validations of Model Updating Based on Multi-Response Objection Function for Cable-Stayed Bridges by Jing Zhou, Xin Li, Zhe Fan, and Xin Feng

PS07-10 Bayesian Updating of Marine Structural Reliability Models Based on In-Service Measurements by J. Zhu, M. Groden, and M.D. Collette

PS07-11 Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures Using Output Only Data by Emad A. Abu-Aisheh

PS07-12 System Identification of Shear-Deformation Buildings with Continuous-Discrete Modeling by Ruichong Zhang

PS07-13 Study on Intelligent Platform of Model Updating for the Health Monitoring System by Danhui Dan, Tong Yang, and Jiongxin Gong

PS07-14 Extreme Value Distribution Model of Vehicle Loads Based on Bayesian Parameter Estimation by Shunlong Li, Yang Xu, Jia Lu, and Hui Li

PS07-15 Experiment on a Smart Test System for High-Rise Steel Tower Structures with Automatic Damage Diagnosis Functions by Weilian Qu, Youlin Xu, Yong Xia, Chun Xiao and Ernian Zhao

PS07-16 The Wide Range of Applications of Structural Health Monitoring – A Solution for Every Need by Pascal Savioz, Niculin Meng and Colm O’Suilleabhain