Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

Resilience Workshop Flyer ISHMII’s Committee on Resilient Structures and Infrastructure (CORSI) invites you to attendmore…

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

September 2018 JCSHM Available

What’s in the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring Volume 8, Issue 4 (September 2018)more…

Parallel Sessions 1 – Sensing Technology

Parallel Session 1 – Sensing Technology

PS01-01 Advances of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring by H.N. Li, L. Ren, and D.S. Li

PS01-02 Monitoring and Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Using Wireless Sensor Network by C. Y. Liu, J. Teng, X. Y. He and D. P. Cai

PS01-03 Strain Visualization Sticker for Structural Health Monitoring by Masakazu Omachi, Shuji Umemoto, Takeshi Takaki, Noriyuki Miyamoto, Idaku Ishii, and Tadayoshi Aoyama

PS01-04 Design of WSN System for Huge Spurt Sensing Data Real-Time Transmitting Based on Structure Detection by Dengyuan Xu, Benniu Zhang, Xiaoqin Qin, and Hong Wang

PS01-05 Application of Dielectric Based Capacitance Sensor to Moisture Content Monitoring in Masonry Stones by Jun Hui Zhao, Evangeline R. Murison, Gamal Mustapha and Douglas J. Thomson

PS01-06 Performance of Continuous Wave Radar for Low Frequency Vibration and Static Deflection Testing by Shanyue Guan, Jennifer Rice, Changzhi Li, Guochao Wang, and Changzhan Gu

PS01-07 Wireless Sensor Network Powered by Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
by Roman Klis and Eleni Chatzi

PS01-08 Smart Crack Sensor and its Application in Subway Shield Tunnel by Kui Wang and Hongwei Huang

PS01-09 Bridge Local Scour Monitoring Using Smart Rock by S. H. Jiang, Z. Zhou and J. P. Ou

PS01-10 Intelligent Stress Monitoring For Steel Cables Using Smart Elasto-Magneto-Electric (EME) Sensor by Y. F. Duan, R. Zhang, S. W. Or and Y. Zhao

PS01-11 Uncertainties of Measurements with Metal Foil Strain Gages by A. Hebestreit and G. Gommola

PS01-12 Vibration-Powered Wireless Sensor for Structural Monitoring During Earthquakes by Daniel Tomicek, Y.H. Tham, Winston K.G. Seah and Ramesh K. Rayudu

PS01-13 Applications to SHM Systems of Real Structures Using Intelligent Methods by J. Teng and W. Lu

PS01-14 High-Resolution Sensing Sheet for Damage Detection Based on Large Area Electronics by Yao Yao, Ellen Tung, Naveen Verma, and Branko Glisic

PS01-15 Study on a Novelty Wind Pressure Monitoring Technology in Civil Engineering Infrastructure by D. H. Dan and R. Xiao, W. Cheng

PS01-16 Structural Health Monitoring of an Instrumented Building in Mexico with Accelerometers and GPS Sensors by D. Murià-Vila, J. Camargo, B. D. Aldama, G. Rodríguez, L. A. Aguilar, and M. Ayala

PS01-17 Long Term Monitoring Using Vibrating Wire Sensors by A.J. Simmonds

PS01-18 Deformation Monitoring of Flood Prevention Dams Using Geodetic and Fibre Optic Measurement Techniques by W. Lienhart, S. Lackner, F. Moser, H. Woschitz and G. Supp