Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

SHMII-9 – August 4 – 7, 2019

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Monday, September 10th, 2018

2nd International Workshop on Resilience

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Read the JCSHM April 2018 Vol 8. Issue 2

Announcing the publication of Vol. 8, no. 2 of the JCSHM with a forward by Paolo Clemente: Extending the life-span of cultural heritage structures and these original papers:

In-situ experimental campaign on the covering structures of “Villa dei Misteri” in Pompeii by Imma Bergamasco, Anna Marzo, Giuseppe Marghella, Bruno Carpani.

Health assessment and ambient vibration testing of the “Ponte delle Torri” of Spoleto during the 2016–2017 Central Italy seismic sequence by Ivan Roselli, Marialaura Malena, Marialuisa Mongelli, Nicola Cavalagli, Massimiliano Gioffrè, Gerardo De Canio, Gianmarco de Felice.

Post-earthquake controls and damage detection through structural health monitoring: applications in l’Aquila by Filippo Lorenzoni, Mauro Caldon, Francesca da Porto, Claudio Modena, Takayoshi Aoki.

Machine-learning-based approach for post event assessment of damage in a turn-of-the-century building structure by Ebrahim Nazarian, Todd Taylor, Tian Weifeng, Farhad Ansari.

Dynamic characterisation of a historic bell-tower using a sensitivity-based technique for model tuning by Massimiliano Ferraioli, Lorenzo Miccoli, Donato Abruzzese.

Modelling techniques for structural evaluation for bridge assessment by Shojaeddin Jamali, Tommy H. T. Chan, Andy Nguyen, David P. Thambiratnam.

Study of FRP bars under tension using acoustic emission detection technique by Maha Ghaib, Mohammadhadi Shateri, Douglas Thomson, Dagmar Svecova.

A generalized flexibility matrix-based model updating method for damage detection of plane truss and frame structures by Leila Katebi, Mohsen Tehranizadeh, Negar Mohammadgholibeyki.

Structural identification of a tied arch bridge using parallel genetic algorithms and ambient vibration monitoring with a wireless sensor network by Matthew Whelan, Neal Salas Zamudio, Timothy Kernicky.

Effect of out-of-plane specimen movement on strain measurement using digital-image-correlation-based video measurement in 2D and 3D by Joel Poling, Niranjan Desai, Gregor Fischer, Christos Georgakisi.